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Planned Acquisition of Timpani (January 2021)

Timpani is a provider of virtual private servers (VPS) direct to consumers based in Frankfurt, Germany with server facilities based in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Cyprus, the United States and, of course, Germany. We have been a provider of servers and services to Timpani since they were established in 2017, and have consistently provided the second–line and third–line support since that time.

Timpani was placed into administration in January of 2020 and decided to effect step–in provisions which were reserved in the service contract between the two companies. Effectively, this will allow to take over the day–to–day business of Timpani as of January 2021, at which point Timpani's business will cease to exist. The product and server upgrade schedule will be updated nearer that time to reflect changes which will be effected during the transition process. has always provided second–line and third–line support for Timpani clients and services but from January will also take responsibility for account queries and first–line support. We do not anticipate that Timpani clients will experience any noticeable fluctuation in service level as a result of these changes.

This article has been updated to reflect that the acquisition will now take place in January 2021 rather than September of 2020 as originally planned.