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Delay to termination of London product servers (Update)

We announced in Q4 of 2018 that all servers in London, United Kingdom would be shut-down and access to products via all UK IP addresses and ranges would be terminated on 1st March 2020. This decision was made, in part, due to the schedule for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union and our anticipation that it would be easier from a regulatory position to centralize all of our product servers over fewer locations within the European Union than attempt to calculate the risk associated with a failure of the parties to negotiate a data transfer agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

We anticipated that the ramp–up of servers and product services in Valencia, Spain and Xirivella, Spain would provide us with sufficient capacity to take–on the additional load. However, we were recently forced to intervene in the business activities of a client in Germany, and will be required to use the newly acquired server capacity to bring their data and services on–line in Spain. In addition, since we originally formed our plans to transfer services to Spain, the schedule for the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union has been substantially clarified.

That being the case, we have taken the decision to continue to provide product servers and storage capacity from the United Kingdom for a period of 2 (two) further years until 1st March 2022. We will revisit this situation towards the end of that period.

This article has been updated to reflect that servers will continue to be operational in London for a period of two years from the original termination date, and not four months.

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