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CentOS 8 Server Support

Following requests from clients, much consideration and the opportunity to stress–test the package we have decided to make an ISO of CentOS 8.1 available for clients to install on Virtual Private Servers.

The major feature upgrades of version 8.1 versus 7.0 are as follows:

Both versions contain the same httpd/Apache package (2.4)

We would caution clients that the size of the version 8.1 install requires a minimum 20GB capacity, and we would remind clients that it is entirely possible to upgrade storage space on–the–fly, however, an installation of the CentOS 8 ISO will completely erase all content on the VPS. In addition, for those clients using CentOS Web Panel (CWP) as their management dashboard, they should be aware that there is not yet a compatible release.

We will, of course, continue to support both CentOS 7, and we will also continue to support CentOS 6. However, we do recommend that clients give consideration to deprecation of CentOS 6 in favor of the stronger features of version 8.

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