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Approved Organization Program (BETA)

AOP is our IP–based organization sign–in system, which is currently in BETA testing and allows entire organizations to access our products and services without any of their users requiring their own access credentials. All users retain the credentials they currently have and new users added to your organization will still receive personal access credentials, this is particularly helpful in the case of remote employees (such as home workers). However, whenever your staff work within your network, or access our products and services via your VPN, they won't be asked to sign–in.

Client account managers who would like to subscribe their entire organization will require:

In particular we are currently looking for SME testing participants (50 to 500 employees) and participant organizations which use VPN services. If an SME were interested in participating and had off–site staff or home workers, then we would consider providing a free VPN for the period of the BETA test.

If you or your organization would like to register your interest in the BETA or should you have any questions regarding how the system works or how it could make access quicker and easier in your business, then either contact your account manager directly, or Contact Corporate and we'll do our best to answer any questions you may have.

We are hoping to complete BETA testing and begin roll–out of the completed system early in 2021 although a firm date will be announced nearer the time, and will be dependent on the feedback received during the BETA.