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All About Convergent Access

We are happy to announce that we completed a successful BETA test of Convergent Access in 2019, and the feedback just proved what we always knew — our clients love it.

Convergent Access is our single sign–on (SSO) system which allows users to access all of their subscribed products and services using a single set of access credentials. Clients have been reporting that it is faster, easier and more efficient to use than individual product credentials, and has reduced "password fatigue" and, simultaneously, administrator time spent on password reset issues.

Throughout 2020 we will be rolling out convergent access to all clients who subscribe to more than one product, and watch out for an email in the coming months to explain when these changes will come into effect on your account. Alternatively, individual end–users who wish to make use of Convergent Access sooner, can request registration.

Client IT administrators can now access a range of convergent widgets which they can integrate into their own corporate sites. Alternatively, users can make use of Convergent Access via our homepage.

The next step in the evolution of Convergent Access will be to allow clients to share data between products, which will allow us to move towards our goal of seamless product integration and data centralization; all whilst maintaining the security and data integrity which our clients have come to expect and rely on.