Client Memo: Advice for US Citizens traveling to and from Italy

Due to the progress of the coronavirus, and it's proliferation throughout Italy, the quarantine which was previously applied to certain parts of Northern Italy has now been extended to the whole country and the country–wide quarantine will remain in place until at least 4th April. This client memo is intended to explain the situation for those currently traveling in Italy, or planning to travel to Italy.

If you intend to travel to Italy

If you are also an Italian citizen then you will be permitted to enter Italy, but you must be able to demonstrate your citizenship, either by presenting your Italian passport or your Carta di Identita at the port of entry.

Depending on your reason for travel you may or may not be permitted to enter Italy, regardless of your mode of transport. If you are traveling for work purposes, then ensure you either have a valid visa or a letter from your employer stating that you are entering Italy for the purposes of work. If you are traveling for study purposes and do not have legal residency and a Carta di Identita we have no guidance as to whether you will be permitted to enter the country. Therefore we would advise you to seek legal advice to protect your position. If you are legally resident in Italy and are in possession of a Carta di Identita, you will be required to present this at your port of entry in order to be permitted to enter the country.

Note: If you board a flight to Italy, are refused entry, and then are required to return to the United States or the country from which you originated, you may be subject to a mandatory quarantine in that country, regardless of whether you were permitted to cross the border. Should you be in any doubt as to whether you will be permitted to enter then you should seek legal advice prior to boarding transport.

If you are currently in Italy

You are currently considered to be under quarantine in Italy, and you will be permitted to travel outside of Italy. If you do decide to travel to another country, then you should be aware that re-entry to Italy will be subject to the guidance set out above. The quarantine period is currently set to end on April 4th, at which point Italian public health guidance will be updated, however, the quarantine period may be extended and therefore the above guidance will continue to apply until the quarantine period comes to an end.

If you return to the United States, then you should be aware that you will be subject, under current US State Department public health guidance, to undergo a mandatory 14 (fourteen) day self–quarantine period. Non–US residents will likely be refused entry and returned to their port of origin, regardless of whether they are related to a US citizen or accompanied by a US citizen when attempting to enter the United States.

You should also be aware that your entry into another country may result in your being quarantined according to that country's public health guidance. This may result in your refusal of entry into that other country.

This client memo is not intended to constitute medical or public health advice. You can find US Public Health information at CDC Coronavirus Micro–site (external link opens in new window).