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Spread The Vote
Work the Polls

The Coronavirus has left many of those over the age of 65 concerned to leave the house, and with the US Presidential Elections nearly upon us this has also left many polling places, all over the United States, short of the essential poll workers (many of whom are over the age of 65) who make it possible for US Citizens to exercise their right to vote.

In 2018 the Election Assistance Commission counted 637,713 Americans amongst those who checked names and voter registrations, but this year, due to the Coronavirus most jurisdictions are now reporting that they are simply unable to obtain sufficient poll workers to fulfill their obligations.

The American Bar Association is encouraging lawyers to register as poll workers, at least two states have lowered the minimum age from 17 to 16 to encourage more people to register as poll workers, and Spread The Vote has even released this hilarious PSA.

So, if you're ready, willing and able... visit their website and find out if it's an option for you.